Custom Painting Projects

While LC Auto Finish Inc. specializes in auto painting that is not all we do. If you need any creative custom painting done including murals, statutes, boats and planes call us to discuss.

Bring a space or object alive with the artistic talents of LC Auto Finish. Our consultant will meet with you to discuss the space and or object and determine your creative objective.

No matter the surface to be painted LC Auto Finish Inc. will create a spectacular design that will wow you and your visitors for years to come.

Work Overview

We pride ourselves on offering a quality service that goes well beyond auto repair services. Our team is committed to maintaining our high standards and will ensure that your finished product is done to specifications. We will do it over if you are not completely satisfied and guarantee that the quality is of the utmost highest.

If you need additional information about getting your custom project done by professionals, contact us and we will help you to examine all the solutions that are best for the message you are trying to communicate to your visitors.

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